Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now to finish it off (at least for now)

I just finished the (temporary) lighting, and am now going to go back to clean stuff up. The lighting's a little blown out... for some reason I have that tendency. I think I just like bright colors. As far as animation, there are many places I just forgot about, and I didn't realize until I started doing reflective renders with the mirror... You can see the entire other side of the boy! So I have to go back and make sure those look right from pretty much all angles.
I say this is temporary because it's specifically for the R&H computer graphics competition. The final, final render of this film won't be done at least until the end of summer. I still have to materialize/light/render the room, plus figure out what I'm going to do for audio. Right now I'm going to have to use temporary stuff.