Friday, December 28, 2007

Old Skool...

Um.... so after doing that last post, I saw how cool it is that you can embed video in these posts. Here's an older animation I did about 2 years ago when I was still back in school, doing Juggles. This was for the 10 Second Club competition. Unfortunately the club wasn't all that up-to-snuff back then and this entry got lost in the paperwork somewhere :( I'm hoping that after this dance animation is done I can do some more of these for the new 11 Second Club ( Enjoy!

She Dances!

Edit (3/04/2008): The foot movement is removed from the beginning.

Rigging is done and it's on to animation! This is a short piece so far, still in progress. This is just a Maya playblast - no fancy rendering (no hair!). It's at about 20 seconds, with 10-15 more seconds to go. Once this is done, it's on to hair simulation, then fx (fire and embers), then lighting and rendering, and then finally putting it all together.